Astral projection is an out-of-body experience at will. The Astral body is separate from the physical body. Because it is in another dimension of space and time, it is capable of being anywhere.

The astral plane is inhabited by souls that are journeying to their next life. It is also where angels, spirits that are not human and have a higher dimensional being.


How Does Soul Travel?

The neurons have an invisible cord that connects the body to the soul. The many planes of existence are connected by this thread. What we call reality is in the physical realm. The cord can transfer information and consciousness to the other dimensions.

This is achieved by moving the mind’s conscious state into an open mode as it is in deep meditation. There are other methods of achieving this.

Meditation puts the brain in a relaxed state. The brain waves change from being waking and alert. If one makes a regular practice of meditating, the person becomes more self-aware and more in touch with the soul. Being mindful of the present also brings a consciousness of other realities.

Is Life a Dream? Or is Dreaming Real Life?

Out of body experiences often take place while asleep. The change in brain wave patterns is enough to open the door to other states of being. This is sometimes called lucid dreaming.

This condition while sleeting has been recorded throughout history. Out of body travels and lucid dreaming have been described in literature, folktales, myths and artwork.

Does Astral Travel Have Historic Significance?

Sacred writings, including the Bible, describe astral travel. There are many other names for it. Spirit walking and soul flight are two. The Book of Revelations and Hindu Sacred texts mention this. In the final chapter of the book of Ecclesiastes, there is a discussion of a silver cord.Ancient Book

This is like the ancient Hawaiian spiritual belief that a “Aca” cord of Mana carries energy from our waking self and the higher consciousness self that is closer to the source of God. In Ancient Egypt there is written that a force named “Ka” allowed the soul to leave the body.

Buddhism believes that practitioners who reach a high level can attain astral projection. Hindus, the Japanese ancient civilizations, the Amazons and many other regions all have similar stories and beliefs.

What Scientific Proof is There for Astral Projection?

One must believe in a soul to believe in astral projection. Modern day science has rejected both. Some research has been done that has discovered a unique part of the brain that is activated in deep meditation. When the subjects said they had felt themselves leaving the body, a series of brainwaves activate on area of the brain and make it active.

But the scientist maintain that this is all in the mind. However, there is still so much unknown about the brain, this is not really a valid confirmation. Quantum theory has shown that particles behave in different ways, at different times. Science believes that the universe began with a big bang. They believe that the universe is expanding. They believe that there are millions of other galaxies and solar systems besides what we see. These concepts cannot be seen or proven concretely.

Yet, she scientists are asked to explore the ideas of souls and God, there is rejection. Science can’t see infinity, yet we know it is a concept that is considered valid. Visit an artist journey to outer dimensions

What is the Mind?

There is a theory called “quantum brain” which regards the mind as a storage place for storing energy. All thought is in another dimension and the brain feeds the information from outside our plane of existence to our waking selves. So, the brain is like a terminal sifting through the information we need to survive and keeping hidden the energy that is not understood. That information is always available to us. When we change the brainwaves, we change to channel in our mind to accept new realities.

Is This All in My Imagination?

The proof is in the fact that many people from people in cultures and belief systems throughout history have maintained that they have experienced astral projection. It is a frequent occurrence if a person dies on the operating table and comes back to life.

Even though the ones in power say it is all in the mind, there is still room for a belief in astral projection. We learn to see what our parents say is real at a very early age. We learn to name objects and feelings. If those who teach us don’t believe something is the truth, that’s what we are taught. So, we often see things that we can’t explain. Our minds reject it because there is no label or learned description of the event.

Astral projection is not from the imagination. If it is a brand-new experience, then there is no history in our brains. So, we must open our minds by meditating. Our lives are lived on one level of existence. People are living in a parallel universe. The other planes of existence are right beside us all the time.

What Does Astral Projection Mean to My Life?

Christ said, “He who believes in me, though he may die, will experience eternal life.” I think one interpretation of this is that there is one place where all energy rests and is stored. This source sends out waves of energy to experience different kinds of existence. Everything is constantly in motion. There is no way for energy to be destroyed. It just goes somewhere else. There could be no big bang because everything must start with something. There can be no end because energy must go somewhere else.

I think the notion that people can leave their bodies and travel to other dimensions is very real. I think that in the past it was considered normal. In the future it also will be. We are at a time of rapid change on Earth. I think that change will result in the awareness that we are all one. We are part of God and Spirit. We are part of each other and every other creation.

As soon as we see the reality that we are connected to something much higher than man, we will truly know reality. When we acknowledge that the small amount of creation that the human mind has made, then we will see the immense, unlimited, totality of infinite God.

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