Make Any Room into a Sanctuary

You want to mediate. Maybe you need to calm down after a stressful day. Make your apartment, living room, bedroom or whatever space you have chosen to be your peaceful hideout. Tranquil rooms can be achieved easily even on a tight budget. A metaphysical and spiritual environment grows out of the space we live in. It creates a mood that impacts your health and happiness.

Create a Feng Shui Meditation Room

Your Own DIY Sanctuary

Feng Shui is very important to balance the energy of spaces. It is more than decorating. Feng Shui is also a form of healing. They use it to create a serene atmosphere in room, especially the bedroom. Many methods are used to create a flow of energy that equates with relaxation. Color, textures and patterns are used to gain a comfortable and comforting space. In the bedroom it may aid in more restful sleep.

What Colors are Relaxing?

blue and green have a calming effect.

Indirect lighting, textured accessories give a room warmth

Cool colors promote a sense of quiet and peace. Blue, gray and white have a calming effect. Soft pastel or dark greens may bring a feel of nature inside. From this you can build your palette. If you can paint walls, you can begin there. Then choose accessories with complementary and contrasting tones that keep in the look of softness and comfort. For instance, you wouldn’t want to use a bright red or yellow in a room that you desire a peaceful mood. It may look great aesthetically, but it would distract form the quality you are trying to achieve.

Blue is associated with calmness. It is also related to orderliness and stability. But blue also carries an air of melancholy and may make you feel cold. When selecting colors for your tranquil place think in terms of warming it up a bit and toning it down. A soft, gray hues will be less icy. You want the shade to be comforting. Darker blues remind us of night and sleep. Imagine warm seas, a deep pool of water and tranquil ponds rather than icebergs or bright sunny skies Sunny days are relaxing, but not for sleep. Think end of the day, rather than noon.

Cool color with white is serene.

Blue is the most popular color in the world. People from every country find it their favorite. Green is also a very calm color in which to surround yourself. Dark, mossy green makes us feel like we are in a forest. Stick to subdued, pastel and dark tones of blue and green. It will create a sense of being sheltered

Relaxing Light

Lighting is supremely important. Try for a soft feel. If you have a lot of windows, that is wonderful. However, to make the room have a cozy hideaway feel, soften the light with curtains. Often a soft rose or ivory color will create an atmosphere that is hushed and soothing. If light is bright and harsh, you may want to invest in blackout curtains. Bright sunshine is wonderful. But not if you are trying to rest or be calm. It makes you feel like going outside and be active. A few tea lights or small lamps can create a calm feeling. Recessed lighting and shades with pastel tones are perfect.

Tranquil Space Accessories

To accessorize think in terms of fluffy, soft, puffy, and textured items. Pillows of different sizes, cozy throws and even stuffed animals create a soothing aura. You may want to pick up the cool tones of a wall. Or if you can’t paint the wall, use accessories to create your color scheme. Use natural fabrics like cotton or silk. Avoid polyester in that the tactile quality may create an unpleasant sensation. Remember that you want to choose textures that feel comfortable to you. It isn’t just how they look. You are going for a whole experience.

Use muted, soft tones to create a relaxing ambiance.

Rugs can soften a hard, cold floor. No need to carpet the whole room. Just have something the feels good on your bard feet as you sit, or when you get up. There are a lot of fake fur rugs and throws. Even though they may be man-made, they will only touch the bottom of your feet. This depends on the individual

Essential Sprays

Scents are mood makers. According to your preference the odor of a room can bring memories of romance or nature and gardens. Candles, essential oil diffusers and incense add to the ambiance. You may prefer fresh flowers. Lavender essential oils have a calming effect. A few drops or spritzes of it on pillows can create a refreshing, yet peaceful atmosphere.

The Sound of Silence

Old suitcases store clutter and give a space a nostagic look and hint of exotic places.

Don’t forget the tunes. Sound is an essential element of serenity. Some soft music or just meditative beats can sooth you and create restful breathing. Wind chimes are always relaxing and look wonderful. They remind us of the breeze and nature. There are many binaural beats that act as a tranquilizer to your body. If you can’t control the sound of neighbors or traffic, you can use headphones. If you have a favorite track for relaxing, plan your tranquil room idea around that sound. Ask yourself what it reminds you of and why you find it peaceful..

Hide Those Wires

It is important to hide wires in any environment that you are trying to make restful. There are many cord concealers readily available in stores. There are also many DIY methods if you search on YouTube or Pinterest. This is not just because wires look ugly, although they do. It is that mentally they remind us of work or doing something other than resting.

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De-clutter – Clean Up Your Act

Hide that clutter in a vintage look storage container.

It is important to de-clutter the room if you want to rest. If you are unable to remove certain things, get a few storage cubes. Cloth or wood textures are preferable. If you only have plastic containers, cover them. Use white glue or Mod Podge to make a collage. You can use old wrapping paper, or photos form magazines. Browse through some thrift shops or garage sales and look for an interesting box or container to hold clutter. Besides hiding them and making a cleaner look, you can open it up and look through the objects. It’s like your secret treasure chest. If you have larger items, look for an old suitcase or chest. It can hold things and be used as a table-top. It is worn that may give it character. If not, then paint it. An old suitcase can have lots of nostalgic feelings attached to it. They remind us of vacations, wonderful memories, places we love.

Memories Make Your Room Relaxing

The theme of nostalgia can be relaxing. Even if you may prefer contemporary looks, everyone has memories that they cherish. Frame a few old family photos. Or look for pictures of places you have visited or would like to visit. This is your personal hideaway. Surround yourself with items that are dear to your heart. Maybe frame a drawing form that five-year-old, whose now has a child of their own.

The Art of Relaxing

Decorate with nostalgic old photos.

Wall art is very personal and not simply a decoration. You are creating an atmosphere. Choose art that is relaxing. Sometimes an abstract piece makes you brain feel dreamy because there is no subject. Paintings of flowers and plants make us feel at peace. If you can’t have a live plant in the room how about framing a print of a tropical garden. Sunsets, the sea and water are always relaxing to look at. Remember your color scheme when shopping. Try not to get something bright and jarring. Think in terms of a misty look. Maybe you’ve always wanted travel to Paris but have never been able to afford it. You can still get a poster that you love. Who knows, maybe you’ll go to Paris in your dreams. Some prints with Asian themes can add a meditative mood and still have a graphic contemporary look.

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Indirect lighting, textured accessories give a room warmth

By now, you should have some good ideas for creating tranquil room ideas. The important thing is to have I room you can immediately go to for peace. You may like to meditate, take a nap, read a book, or just daydream. Whatever you do there it is your choice. Relaxation is incredibly important to our health. Stress affects our body and our minds. People develop addictive behavior often because the have never learned to relax. Most disease is directly related to stress. Anxiety hurts our immune system. High blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes are all made worse by anxiety and stress. In lots of cultures relaxing is frowned upon. People are made to feel as if they constantly need to be producing, earning, or doing busy work. That is why it is important for everyone to learn how to relax, meditate, calm down, and be at peace with the world at some point in the day.

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