The first gift to acknowledge is what you are grateful for in your own life. That can be up the individual. Most find that love, family, freedom and a sense of being important to your community are basic gifts. Others are devoted more specifically to one area. Artists, musicians, sports figures and scientists may not have as much time to devote to other people or society because of the demands of their profession. Others such as nuns or monks may put the entire energy of their lives into spiritual devotion. Others may feel that acquisition of wealth is more important than social, family or relationships.smiling-woman-1340662_640

Everyone is different and has their own path. I think the secret to gratitude is to find out first what makes you feel happy, grounded, fulfilled and centered. But in this blog post I wanted to write about a different kind of gift. There is often a problem of what to give someone who seems to have everything. For one who is devoted to self-realization and personal growth is may be difficult to find a birthday gift. If your friend is a Healer, it may be confusing to find what to give them. The giver may not have knowledge of meditation, Chakras, light-work or other subjects.

But there is a solution. There are many excellent online stores that sell products specifically in the area of metaphysics, healing, and spiritual growth. This is an exploration of these topics. You don’t have to be limited to one type of gift. There are several categories. You should be able to find something unique and also appropriate as a gift.

Spiritual Healing Gifts

Crystals are always a good choice for a gift. They can be either just the crystal or incorporated into jewelry. Amethyst is considered calming and, in some cases, considered a gemstone. They a good for general health and beauty. It is said the universal life force is manifested in the light of crystals. They are known for their conductivity which is why crystals are in radio transmitters. For this reason, Crystals are said to connect to the spirit world.gem-3328166_640

Crystal is also sold in the form of detox bracelets. I think I would avoid this as a gift because someone may think you thought them toxic.

Candles are always welcome to a healer. The colors and odor are significant for different cures and to be helpful in several situations. White, purple and blue are good for allergies. Violet helps with anxiety. Green/blue colors are helpful for headaches. Anxiety is cured with rose and fevers with blue. Lavender, Eucalyptus and sage combined helps with many health problems. As far as scents, lavender, peppermint, lemon and chamomile are all welcome odors for anyone in the healing arts.104218488_aromatherapy oils

Wall art is a great gift, especially if you know someone has moved into a new space and love collecting visual things. A foot reflexology chart makes a great graphic design. The image of the Medicine Buddha is represented with the 12 vows.

There are lots of prayers that are made into beautiful poster art. Some suggestions are the Serenity Prayer, the Lakota Prayer, Ho Oponopon, Hawaiian Mantras and charts with the Chakras are beautiful. Banners and flags are made with Reiki charts and the symbol of Cho-Ku-Fei for healing in the home.

ImagebyWolfgangEcker fromPixabay

Image by Wolfgang Ecker from Pixabay

There is a wide assortment of Christian healing gifts. Some can be purchased in a church store. The 4-way cross, rosaries, St. Jude medallions and crosses can be beautiful choices. Some of these may be a little too personal unless you know them well and are sure they would like it. If a cross or medallion is unique and artistic, that would be a great addition to a faithful person’s collection.

One original gift idea is pet products. There are lots of health-related items that contain essential oils and hemp. These can be great is a dog is anxious or hyper. Some of these come in sprays. The contents can help with problems like grief, stomach trouble, territory issues and relieve from nervousness. You’ll be doing you friend a favor by possibly saving them a trip to the vet.

MP3s and CDs are available to order of for download. Some subjects are meditation, hypnosis, and self-help. There are many courses and training programs for shamanism, enlightenment and Emotional Freedom Technique. There is music available for every metaphysical theme. Binaural Beats are a great gift if you know the person enjoys that.liquid-light-download

What to Look for in a Metaphysical Gift Shop

Find out if the staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Does the store have a good selection of rocks and crystals? Do they carry apothecary items like oils, herbs and roots and in a variety of size? Does the shop have healers and professional practitioners and hand or available? Do they offer workshops, classes and lectures? These things show that the shop owners, whether on-site or online, are interested in the subjects and not just selling them as commercial enterprise.purchase-3090818_640

Does the store offer handmade jewelry? Look at the quality. It they are made by an artisan they the gift will be more original. Does it appear the products look like they were imported from China for resell? That would make it likely your gift is so mass-produced that the receiver would see the same thing everywhere. It is also good to support local artists and designers that are struggling to make a living by making jewelry.

Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

Is there an assortment of incense? Does it appear fresh? Look and see where it is made.

Is there a nice selection of printed materials? This may include journals, self-help books, Tarot cards, Oracle cards, Angel cards, and Power Animal cards.

Is the atmosphere pleasant, friendly and peaceful? Usually Spiritual shops should give you a feeling of serenity to be there. There should be a feeling of organic, natural and natural quality. Obviously, they can’t make everything there. But if you get the feeling that they products are thoughtfully hand selected then it will be more likely your gift will be appreciated by someone who is interested in the healing arts.

Spiritual Jewelry Gifts.

More about what to look for and how to choose a gift.

Ask yourself if the gift should be secular or religious in nature. Often a piece of jewelry is designed to reduce negative energy. Sometimes it could have a great deal of symbolism. Keep this is mind if you aren’t sure of the person’s feelings about a subject. That would also apply if the jewelry was to be used in a ritual or ceremony.

Jewelry for a spiritual person can be a talisman, amulet or set of beads. Remember that color has meaning. Research before you purchase something with a vivid color. The same thing goes for what the object is made of.

Image by starbright from Pixabay

Image by starbright from Pixabay

Crystals have different meaning according to the type. A crystal in a piece of jewelry will often symbolized protection and purification. A clear quartz has a different meaning than a rose quartz.

Gold in spiritual jewelry is said to attract divine consciousness. Gold in charms, bracelets and rings affect the body and its pressure points differently than other metals. It is said that a gold ring enables better acupressure.

Try to look on the label and see if the jewelry is handmade or manufactured and imported. A spiritually conscious person may have stronger ideas about this subject than others. An example of this is that I almost purchased a Native American-looking rug in a little shop on the desert. I was judging the craftsmanship by the surroundings rather than looking at it. Then my friend turned over and saw that it was made in India. The signer that said it was authentic Indian was correct, but misleading.

Check and see if the product is sustainable. Also, look and see if it is hypoallergenic. Some people are affected by certain metals. The processing in a mass-produced item is more likely to have used toxic chemicals in the manufacturing process.

Christian jewelry is found in traditional stores and doesn’t necessarily need to be hand-made. Fine craftsmen often create beautiful pieces of high quality. However, you may find something more unique in a church store of jewelry makers shop. In this case, a small metaphysical store would be more likely to have Christian jewelry that was imported.

Metaphysical Wall Hangers

Wall art that has a spiritual theme is a great gift. It is one thing that is easy to find online. Some choices are banners, signs, flags, prints, wall decals, tapestries, sun catchers and dream catchers.mandala-2170439_640

Some images that are reproduced for wall art are mandalas, tree of life, chakra and reiki charts, goddesses, Buddha and angels.

Signs and banners with words are popular. The words joy, love, and peace are used as simple graphic images. Longer quotes and poems used as art can range from elegant calligraphy to modern type designs.shaman

Tapestry and scrolls can be hand made or printed on fabric. Sometimes it is hard to tell, except by the price. Subjects can be fantasy, religious, New Age, mystical and images of symbols. Other common images are of flowers, butterflies, Namaste, OM, Sanskrit words and the Hand of Fatima.

With any art it is good to keep the person who you are giving the piece to in mind. Don’t buy a big red poster if they have nothing red in their home and you have never seen them wear anything red. You may not want to buy a print of a Buddha if the person is a devout Christian. However, in art it is also good to make sure the selection is something you really like. Often it is pointless to be a mind-reader.

Are Spiritual and Metaphysical Gifts a Good Choice?

What type of gift you give someone depends on many things? One of those is cost. Another is the personality and relationship you have with the person you are giving the gift to. Also, the time factor is something to consider. All of these can determine whether you go shopping online or search for a store that sells metaphysical merchandise. Choosing to buy on-line you have a lot of choices. One idea is to search through Etsy. There are many crafters who create beautiful gift items.

Image by Bonbonga from Pixabay

Image by Bonbonga from Pixabay

What you know about the person can be simple if you are close. But when it gets into religious and spiritual gifts be sure you are relating to their beliefs and not your own.

When it comes to wall décor try to think of the persons home styles, colors and lifestyle. Do they live alone?

In choosing jewelry keep in mind the person’s personality type. Do they like to make a statement? Or are they shy and private. If private, you can still give them a small piece for a side table to remind them of the positive energy you are sending them. Or maybe a general statement of love and peace that is not provocative.

As with every gift choice, you win some and you lose some. It may end up in the back of the closet or garage.

It really is the thought that counts. For spiritual and metaphysical gifts that is more true. Give them a thing of beauty that has a loving message attached, then you can’t really lose. It will be appreciated even if it isn’t displayed. Think of all the times you held onto a gift that you thought was silly or unattractive simply because you knew the person gave it to you with love in their heart.

In the end, go with your heart, not your head.
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