Psychics for Pets

This will be a discussion of the phenomenon of communication between animals and humans. Most pet owners would already have a feeling they have an understanding with the animals we care for. Because it seems irrational, we may block out the feeling and call it coincidence or a creation of our mind. There are many who can communicate with animals to a high degree. Some people sing well, are great ball players or are good at math. Others can understand the inner thoughts of animals better than most of us. Let’s explore the how and why of that phenomenon.

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Pet Psychics – What are the Techniques?

Intuition is one way to see what an animal is feeling. Director at the Humane Society Institute for Science, Jonathan Balcombe, has written and researched how animals have complex emotions. His report on Live Science’s Expert Voices states that almost all animals with vertebrates are responsive to or conscious of impressions of their senses. Animals are sensitive to senses and feelings.

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Many believe that everything communicates with their own field of electromagnetic energy. Those interested in metaphysics are aware of this field of energy, though it is not proven scientifically.

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Animals are already finely tuned into the world with their own intuition of nature. In the wild their survival may depend on awareness of their senses. Humans have forgotten many of these sensory perceptions. We depend more on mental cognition.

Modern civilization has produced a philosophy of materialism. If we can’t see it, understand it, or prove a sense exists, then the intuitive feeling is our imagination. Luckily our inner caveman still responds to emergency signals from insights that may not be rational. Parents instinctively wake when a child is in danger. A person knows who is calling them on the phone with important information. Someone may feel pain at the exact moment a loved one is near death. Our senses and feelings take over in a critical situation and makes us act.

Where Did Pet Psychic Communication Come From?

Humans have a history of communicating with animals. Our lives depended on animals. We used them for transportation, food and safety. We had to be attuned to their needs even though it wasn’t with the realizations of the animal’s feelings. At the beginning of the 20th
century man began to be separated from animals. We moved away from farms and didn’t see where our food was coming from. We began to drive cars and the horse no longer part of our lives.

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In the 21st century we are less connected to the real world. Our attention is on the reality of our phone. We are not aware of nature or the world around us because we don’t know it’s there. Ironically, telecommunications are supposed to increase our communication. But it is limiting it. Our focus is narrower.

It may be that the skills to be attuned to our environment are changing. But animals still play a big part in our lives. It seems nature means humans to coexist with other creatures. Pets are our companions. They don’t have to work. They are for our pleasure. They enrich our lives by giving us something to love and care for. They make our lives fuller with their own personalities. We communicate with them, even if we don’t like to admit it to our friends.

How is Psychic Information Transferred

Some feel that we communicate with our animals all the time. I don’t know now many times my cats have been so sound asleep that I thought about checking to see if they were breathing. Then I walk into the kitchen and the thought runs through my mind that I may be out of cat food. Suddenly the slumbering felines are alert and meowing at my feet.

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A lot of psychics think we communicate with animals by an electromagnetic energy like radio waves. The psychic contacts the animal be projecting a mental picture. The response comes either in the form of a picture or as words. Others report hearing small voices with the message.

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Other mediums scan the animal’s body to detect disease or physical ailments. Then they send energy for healing to the pet. This can be some problem the owner is aware of. Or it can be that the pet was brought it for some other reason and an illness is discovered that explains some behavioral problem.

There are other psychics that communicate with lost pets or dead animals. Most feel that the messages received come from a connection to a life force that surrounds everything in the universe. This is transmitted immediately without regard for space and time. The pet can be in another country. This kind of energy flows in a quantum field that is in another dimension.

What Energy do Pet Psychics Use?

There is an ancient Hawaiian psychological and religious system called Huna, which means “secret” in Polynesian. They called the life force “mana” and thought is was carried by an invisible thread called the “Aka” cord. The “mana” is transmitted from the subconscious to a higher self. These forces could be transmitted without any relation to space and time as we perceive it. It also was capable of moving objects without regard to the law of physics. This was centuries before quantum physics theorized about subatomic particles, wave-particle duality and quantum entanglement. They believed by paying attention to a higher vibration frequency one could manifest happiness.

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The shamans or priest in the Human philosophy were called Kahuna. They were the ones who possessed the most wisdom and ability. The principles are that energy flows to where we place our energy and that there are no limits to the reality you create because what you believe in is reality. Maybe pet psychics are one kind of Kahuna. They are aware of the energy and practice using it. They are aware that, though the reality of our pets is different from our reality, they two worlds can coincide and blend into each other. The energy of the new reality is pure love.

Cyndi Dale and Gregg Braden

Another metaphysical theory is from Gregg Braden, the author of The Divine Matrix. He writes that animal communication is a more advanced form of communication. The effects that our emotions have on our DNA and on the theory of relativity show that how we experience the world is closely tied to our senses. Reality has other worlds of instant communication that is not bonded by space.

What do Skeptics Say About Pet Psychics?

Wikipedia says that a psychic is someone who claims to perceive information that is unavailable to the normal senses. I would argue that extrasensory perception is a normal sense that is neglected, under-used and not appreciated. Skeptics denounce animal communication on several points. First, they don’t believe in telepathy. Secondly, they cite testing proving pet communicators were frauds. Thirdly, linguistic experts say language is a human specific and we can’t know what animals think. I would argue that there are more powerful forms of communication than language. We don’t know what people in another country are saying unless we know the language. But we still find a way to communicate.

A great deal of testing has been done that shows animals to have emotion. It is not the same as human emotion. We can’t help projecting human feeling on to our pets. Scientists are finding more examples of a complex group of varieties of perceptions of existence relating to sensory interpretations. We all see different worlds and reality flows seamlessly from one paradigm to another. The place these manifestations meet is called communication.Man and dog

An autumn leaf falls onto a park bench where a lonely man sits. A tear falls from his eye because he has a sudden memory of a long, lost love. A flock of seagulls surrounds him. A dog stops to sniff a nearby tree. The man walking him glances at the seagulls and then up at the man. “Storm coming,” he says and smiles at the man on the park bench. The dog barks at the pigeons and they fly away. The man on the park bend leans over to let the dog sniff his hand. The dog licks it, and the man pets the dog’s head and says, “Good doggie.” The other man states, “When seagulls fly inland, expect a storm.” “Better head home.” “Have a good evening.” “You too.” “Bark.” Communication.

There are certainly some frauds in the area of psychics. Wikipedia seems to think they all are. There are also frauds in the medical, psychology, business, and religious fields. Wikipedia is edited by biased people. There are probably fewer animal psychic frauds than other vocations. From the research I have done, most come from backgrounds of animal service. Some have worked with veterinarians. Others have studied theology, psychology, or metaphysics. Some have a background in animal rescue. Most have found a calling early in life by an awareness of a unique ability to understand animals.

Jennifer Crumbliss is a Psychic Intuitive Reader, Pet Communicator and Energy Healer.

Other animal psychics came to their knowledge after pursuing other interests. Jennifer Crumbliss is a Psychic Intuitive Reader, Pet Communicator and Energy Healer. She began her career as a personal trainer. Through dealing with her own struggle with an eating disorder, she stated becoming interested in healing. Jennifer became a certified master of Reiki and a Life Coach. Her spiritual gifts led her to an awareness of her ability to communicate with pets. This led to a new healing activity that she now practices. She does Reiki sessions and spiritual readings with pets and consults in production of essential oil products especially blended to heal pets.

Are Pet Psychic Readings a Science?

Animal psychics are in the category of metaphysics and alternative healing. Many New Age healing practices have roots in ancient times and Asian mystical and therapeutic techniques. Much of the healing is based on natural cures that are organic and not man-made. They still contain powerful ingredients. The difference is they are not made in a lab by pharmaceutical companies.

Rupert Sheldrake

PhD Biologist and author, Rupert Sheldrake writes of The Science Delusion. Rupert has written much about the telepathic powers of animals. One of his experiments shows how dogs know when its owner is coming home. He says in his Ted Talks video that since the late 1900s, the science community has been ruled by a materialist belief system. This thinking says that universe is only matter. There is no true spiritual or intellectual existence. Sheldrake’s studies find a high rate of pet owners feel their pet knows what they are thinking before they act.

Conclusion – Should I Have My Pet Psyched?

Pet psychics can help bridge the gap between pet owners and the animals they love. We may already know that our pets are trying to tell us something. We just need an interpreter. Even if you know an animal loves to cuddle, be groomed, and play, sometimes problems arise in their personalities. Just as humans struggle with sadness, depression and grieve, so do our pets.

Anyone seeking to heal their pet is on a journey of love. It can only lead to better understanding and awareness. Once you know a problem exists, you can create and environment that is more tranquil for everyone. If a dog is barking it is not just because it wants to annoy the neighbors. There is something it is trying to communicate.

Often a pet may be unhappy because of one simple thing that is easily changed. Other times there may be an underlying health issues that needs to be addressed. The gift of communicating is acknowledging you pet’s feelings. It is a blessing the there are those that have a gift for understanding our pets’ thoughts and feelings and can interpret them to humans.

For more research about psychics for pets here are some of my favorite metaphysical websites relating to the subject.

See specially formulated essential oils sprays for you pet. These have been developed in consultation with Pet Psychic Jennifer Crumbliss for Mystic Moon online shop. read more about this amazing man watch the Ted Talks video and hear how our pets know when we are on our way home read more about the ancient Polynesian spiritual path to wisdom and manifestation with “mana.”

7 Replies to “Psychics for Pets”

  1. I’ve contacted a few different pet psychics over the years mostly just to check in with my problem child Spike who I loved desperately. He was extremely jealous and intolerant of my other cat Attila and would at times mount him and bite him on the neck till he hollered.

    One time I called a pet psychic for several reasons and one thing she said was “Spike says he’s come to terms with Attila. Everything’s fine.” I was very happy to hear that thinking maybe he was finally growing up. He must’ve been 15 at the time.

    Until I saw him do it again and my first thought was “The little bastard lied to her!” Which is a thought I’ve never had about another pet or animal in my life. I think of them as innocent.

    Another pet psychic said of Spike “He thinks you’re his girlfriend. And he just puts up with your husband.”

    Yet another one told me stories of past lives together with Spike and Attila as humans during the Revolutionary war.

    I’ve read that it’s possible for our souls to partially incarnate into animals. Who knows?

    RIP. Spike lived to be 20.

    Which brings me to Attila, my 17 lb. cat. I was on the phone talking to someone telling them what a pussy he is and how he’s never even killed a fly. (Spike would occasionally still bring in prey.) And the very next day there was a dead rat in the hallway. As my husband wasn’t home I had to get out the broom and dustpan, and I swear he found an already dead rat because rigor mortis had set in.

    My husband and I have determined that our dog Dali reads thought bubbles. A prime example being when Dave thinks about going to the fridge for a cheese snack she beats him there. She’s super-tuned into my thoughts as well.

    Uncanny animals. What a joy they are!

    1. Thanks for the great pet psychic stories Dot. Yes, that Spike was a character up to the end. I miss him. And what a great story about Attila bring in a dead rat. These little guys really enrich our lives. Just as friends such as you do. And bless all those who understand and communicate with them as psychics.
      Thanks for commenting

  2. Hello. There is certainly more than the material world for example look at the eletromagnetic waves. A hundred years ago we didn’t believe they existed (but they did we just didn’t know that) but now we use them for faster communications and in medical applications.

    Well as for every thing, there will always be those we don’t believe or are sceptic. It’s their own choice noone forces them anything.

    We don’t need for someone sad to say he is sad (if we see his sad face) or someone drunk to tell us he is drunk. But that’s the visual point of view. There is also the emotional where things there are more complex. What you feel can be a function of all the surroundings maybe plus your thoughts and who knows what else.

    As for animals, each animal is created to work in a specific way. And in most cases, animals behave as we expect them to behave. They don’t have brains like human’s. Those called insticts are used. But how they are activated even from a distance or even without the animal to have an optical view makes me think of vibrational communication.

    That communication makes the animals’ insticts react in some cases faster than the time taken to see or hear something dangerous for example.

    But i’m not an expert in this area, so i just make logical assumptions. Maybe the psychics or the shamans didn’t solve the whole equation, but maybe they did solve some.

    Great article. Was an interesting read. Looking forward for more.

    1. Thanks so much for your thoughtful reply. You brought some good topics. I didn’t really cover the topic of instinct and I am glad you mentioned that. I wonder if instincts are an area of the brain? Or are they a memory in our DNA that develops over time. Thanks

  3. I believe in it honestly. We have our Sammy, a golden retriever and seriously, he understands us. For my wife he is a kind of support, because I’m often away. People who claims they have no feelings or mental state, are so wrong. Animals are the best à human can gerw believe me. In any way, thanks for sharing this great post with us! 

  4. There is definitely a connection between people and their pets. The degree of the psychic connection varies on so many factors, but as you mention, there are experts out there that can tap into the psyches of animals and help interpret the messages they may be sending their owners.

    Growing up in the country (as opposed to the city) we had more animals than people around us as kids. We were intimately aware of the symbiotic relationships between us and them, and in many cases, it worked out favorably for both sides. Examples include a dog showing nervousness when we were in dangerous parts of the woods, enjoying a campfire in the cool evenings, even taking a 5-mile hike through the newly fallen snow together.

    Over time, you get to know the personalities each animal has, from a pig to a cow, and on a higher level, horses, dogs, and cats were the same. You all were surviving together in a tough austere environment, so you covered one another to one degree or another.

    There are experts who have either developed that sense within themselves or they have learned it as a child. Either way, they are abler than most to tap into the psyche of the animals and determine what they may be feeling or trying to communicate. 

    As you say, there is a broad swath of society that poo-poos this phenomenon, but I find myself observing more than a little cynically that they also make some conclusions based on speculation about conclusions that are based on speculation. There is more we do not know than what we do know in this world.

    I do not know how they have this power, whether it is through electromagnetic means or otherwise, but I have seen them in action and believe they are tapping into something that most cannot or perhaps have lost the ability to tap into. It is there if you are willing to learn to use it.

    Our pets are worth the effort it takes to understand them as best possible. If I can help my pet and me to understand one another better, I will use any means possible to include such people that have the power to be able to tell me what the animals are trying to communicate. Interesting post and I will be checking out the links to the resources you mention. Thanks!

    1. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences Dave. I would have loved to have had all those animals as friends. I grew up in the city though. I can see that you know how important the relationship between us and animals is. Thanks.

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