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What are Some Ancient Secrets and Knowle...

Metaphysical Minds

Much of the spiritual knowledge from the past has been transferred from its original wording and imagery to symbols and philosophy of present-day popular religions and culture. One example would be Christmas. Originally it was celebrated as the Winter solstice feast day. The Romans made this a holiday as the rebirth of the sun. It […]

Do Binaural Beats Really Work?

brain waves and light

This is an introduction to the use of Binaural Beats. There are many styles and types, professional and nonprofessional. There are paid versions to download and free. Later I will explore the differences. Now I will cover some basics. Are Binaural Beats Real and How Do They Work? The basic principle is that when two […]

About My Metaphysical Mind

This site will help you in your search for self-realization and serenity. I also am I providing numerous provide resources to learn more about meditation, mysticism, spirituality, nutrition, and self-help. One of my interests is history and knowledge that has been lost or ignored. I feel that many teachings that utilize sources in nature have […]

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