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Meditation and Mysticism – Spiritual Min


Meditation creates relaxation, less stress and better focus. I also have read that there is a strong correlation between meditation and mystical experiences. Yet, meditation is basically not spiritual. It is a physical exercise. I decided to research what the relationship is between the two. What is Meditation? Meditation means to spend time in quiet […]

Lavender Oil Healing Properties

Lavender plant

When I started this research, I didn’t know lavender was good for so many mental and physical health problems. What I found is that lavender is almost a miracle supplement. Everyone needs lavender in their medicine cabinet. Lavender oil healing properties range from anti-inflammatory benefits to treatment for parasite infection, stings and other insect bites. […]

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Number ...

9 fractal art

Throughout the ages and across the globe the number 9 has held a special, and sometimes sacred, place. The futurist-scientist, Nikola Tesla believed the number 9 is the vibration frequency of the universe. For humans, it is 9 months from conception to birth. Nine holds the meaning of finality. It is the last digit of […]

Exercise Treatment for Depression

Losing weight

Exercise Machines for Home Use Exercise is a powerful healer if you are depressed. It unleashes Endorphins and increases chemicals in the brain. Serotonin, norepinephrin and dopamine regulate mood. Exercise also increases self-image, confidence and offers a chance of social interaction. Why am I writing about exercise machines for home use? Because, having suffered from […]

Are there Any Frequencies for Relaxation...


Luck Frequencies – A Review by Woman Motley from Meditation Music International MP3 total length is 2 hours and 13 minutes. 25 songs Classified as New Age Music, Celtic Fusion and Celtic New Age Plays on IOS, Android, Kindle Fire, Fire TV, Echo, PC, Mac, Roku and Sonos Description: Mostly instrumentals, synthesizer and some chanting.This […]

Christian Mysticism Practices

Ancient portrait of Jesus Christ

Christian mystics strive for the transformation of ego so that they can be one with God. Athanasius of Alexandria was thought to have said that God became human so that man could become God. Mysticism is related to the heart, rather than the mind. It is based on personal experience. Famous mystics have reported visions […]

What is the Light and Sound Mind Machine...

Colored Light Rays

Light and sound machines are electronic devices that play binaural beats along with strobe light. The person wears goggles that look like sunglasses. These glasses contain red and green LED lights. The lights play in pulsating patterns and create a spectrum of color. The combination of the sight and sound stimuli change the brainwaves of […]

What is Astral Projection?

Meditation relieves anxiety

Astral projection is an out-of-body experience at will. The Astral body is separate from the physical body. Because it is in another dimension of space and time, it is capable of being anywhere. The astral plane is inhabited by souls that are journeying to their next life. It is also where angels, spirits that are […]

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