The terms “natural” and “organic” have been over-used to sell human food. Now, they have little meaning. The best way to know how healthy food is to read labels, consult a nutritionist, research on the Web, or find out more about the production methods of the company. Even then there are conflicting schools of thought. That’s for human food. For pets, the truth is even harder to determine. Even if you grow your own food and make your pet’s food there will be an adverse opinion.

Dog and cat

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This blog will attempt to offer alternative healing methods. It is not intended as medical advice. Our pets are important to us because we love them and want them to enjoy life. There are some good pet insurance companies that can help with expensive veterinary bills. But sometimes we don’t think of it until a pet is already old or ill. Some of us may think that feeding a pet a more expensive brand it automatically going to be healthy for our little buddies. That is not always the case.

Natural Healing Pet Care

The world of pet health products is just as confusing as human nutrition. Not everyone has the desire, time, or expertise to spend hours reading about natural healing for pets. If you try any alternative substance such as essential oils on your dog or cat, be cautious and remember they are smaller, and the products humans consume or place in our environment may be 100 times too powerful for a small animal. Especially be careful with a small creature or bird. Something is the air they breathe could be toxic. Research before you try something out. Also, never make your pet ingest or be near something that it doesn’t like. They may instinctively know that something is bad for them.

Pet nutrician

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Reiki healing for pets, massage, acupuncture, essential oils, and energy healing are all alternative healing practices for people that are perfectly suited to pets. However, animals have different chemical makeups. In your research be sure that you don’t think just because an herb, oil, or food is good for a dog, that the same product is good for a cat.

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese healing method. Needles are inserted into pressure points on the body. It is good for many health problems in both pets and people. I know someone who did this for back pain and it successfully relieved pain. When used on pets, acupuncture is also effective for physiological and psychological conditions. Acupuncture is good for serious problems such as cancer because it is good for relieving pain. The treatment is painless and often the pet will fall asleep during the procedure.

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Essential Oil and Pets

Essential oils have many health benefits for animals, just as they do for humans. Every creature has different chemical make-ups. So, use caution. Don’t think just because an essential oil worked wonders on your own stomach pains that it will do the same for your cat. The ASPCA has stated that it is very important to not use oils full strength on your pet. Also, they stress using caution with small animals like cats and bird. A pet bird needs to have natural air available if a diffuser is in operation.

Lavender essentail oil is good for dogs but not cats.
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Always dilute any essential oil for a pet. Olive oil and coconut oil are perfect. Because dogs and cats lick themselves you never should rub essential oil all over their fur. Use normal cautions with any animal that is sick, pregnant, old or young, just as you would for humans. Remember that the reason essential oils are so great for healing is that they are very powerful.

One easy solution to confusion about administration is to use combination products especially produced for pets by experts. Then you know the mixture and dosage is correct.

Which Essential Oils are Good for Pets?

This is a list of good essential oils for dogs: Lavender, peppermint, chamomile, frankincense, cedarwood oil, spearmint, cardamom, helichrysum and fennel are all great. Lavender is good for skin and has a calming effect. Peppermint is a great natural flea repellent for dogs. However, the American Kennel Club states that peppermint is toxic to dogs if it is ingested. So, be careful to not rub the oil into the dog’s coat where he may lick it off. Chamomile is an anti-inflammatory and helps with irritated skin. Frankincense fights germs and boosts the immune system. Cedarwood is another natural insect repellent. It is also anti-inflammatory which makes it good for arthritis. Cedarwood oil is also known to have a calming effect on dogs.

For cats the following oils are good: Spearmint, frankincense, cardamom, helichrysum and fennel. In cats, spearmint can aid in gastrointestinal problems if greatly diluted. Frankincense has been shown to be good for tumors, unless the cat has hypertension. Helichrysum is anti-inflammatory and anti fungal. It helps skin and the nervous system. Fennel balances the pituitary and thyroid glands.

Notice that some are the same for cats and dogs. But not all. Apparently, peppermint is good for dogs, but not cats. Spearmint is good for cats. I had never heard of helichrysum. It is derived from plants in the sunflower family.

Cedar is a natural pesticide for animals.
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Clove, garlic, juniper, rosemary, tea tree oil, thyme and wintergreen are all bad for dogs. However, in my reading I have seen garlic recommended for dogs. I had always though garlic helped to repel fleas.

Spearmint is good for cats. Image by doublecmoney from Pixabay

For cats, stay away from clove, eucalyptus, citrus oil, peppermint, tea tree oil, thyme, wintergreen and pine oil. Also, watch for home cleaning products that have any of these added. For instance, many cleansers have pine oil. In all probability, it is not real essential oil. But be aware if your pet shows signs of distress. Never use phenal-orphenolic compound or carbolic acid near cats.

Regarding administration and use of essential oils, always dilute in water to spray and another oil for use. Don’t spray directly on your pet. Spray the diluted solution from about 2 feet away and never spray directly on your pet’s fur.

Never use essential oils full strength on pets.
Dilute with water or mix with coconut or olive oil.
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It is best to buy from a reputable supplier. Magic Moon online shop creates combinations of ingredients that are for specific conditions. That way you don’t have to worry about figuring out which oils are best. Also, the ingredients have been chosen by professionals and carefully blended for the best effect.

Herbs for Pets

Just as humans use herbal remedies, there are many herbs that are useful as natural remedies for pets. Herbs also tend to address the root of the problem, not just mask the symptoms. Homeopathic suppliers can create custom individual needs, depending on size, breed, and conditions. Homeopathic remedies don’t have side effects that drugs do. But always as your vet’s opinion before adding something to your dog or cat’s food. Chamomile is good for the stomach. Dandelion and echinacea have healing and nutritional properties. Hemp is good for older dogs and for a calming effect.

Never put essential oils on kittens or put on any cat where they may llick off the oil. Image by Karin Laurila from Pixabay

Natural Health for Pets

The use of herbs and essential oils are one way to keep your pets healthy and happy. Because every animal is different, don’t go by a generalized recommendation. Do your research, ask a vet and consult with an animal nutritionist. Even then, you will get differing opinions. In a later blog I will cover natural pet food and pet psychics.

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This blog is offering alternatives, not medical diagnosis. Some pets will need a lot of care and have a lot of health conditions. Others will never be sick a day in their life. For those with continual problems it may be worth considering that there is something toxic in the pet’s food or environment. It may take a lot of trial and error and testing various things before you find an answer. Natural health for your pets will have its rewards in a happy, healthy long life for your dog or cat.