Surreal Metaphysical Art

Metaphysical Spiritual Art

Metaphysical art is a school of art created in early 20th century by Italian artist Giorgio de Chirico. It was surreal in style with a dark, mysterious mood. It often used neoclassical architectural images with futuristic qualities. The urban scenes without people gave them a feel of existential isolation.

Spiritual Artists

Spiritual art is created with the purpose of evoking an emotional response. The use of icons and symbolic sacred images are used to generate a feeling of devotion.

Some spiritual art can be used as part of worship. It may be an expression of the artist’s devotion. Ever since men were cave dwellers art has been a way to show our wonder of life and worship to a higher power.

Concerning Spiritual Art – Eastern and Christian

One way to search for spiritual art prints that you like is to look on Pinterest. Search engines will tend to pull up large galleries and sales pages. I find that the words “spiritual” and “art” are so personal, and have such a wide range of interpretation, that it’s frustrating to do a general search.

Some of the most famous Christian spiritual art paintings are by Raphael, Jean-Francois Millet, El Greco, Raphael, and Caravaggio. Asian art is confusing because there is such a wide range of cultures and religions. The art of China has had such a long history that would be best to have a time frame.

There are cultures that forbid art expression and others that forbid religious expression. If I may be so bold as to editorialize, thank God I don’t live anywhere like that.

New Age Art

William BlakeVisionary art is spiritual in a way of being psychic, introspective and otherworldly. William Blake created this art to illustrate with his poetry.

Fantastic art tends to be influenced by mythology and folklore. It is often romantic in style. Usually the rendering is representational in style. Hieronymus Bosch is one example of this type of art.

Inspirational new age wall art often has images that are Asian, such as Yin and yang symbols or Buddha. Mandalas, art from India and the use of words and slogans are also common themes.

Psychedelic art often has inspirational themes. The term psychedelic became synonymous with LSD in the sixties. It is closely associated with rock culture and 60s counterculture. With the advent of computers, digital fractal art became popular. It captures the kaleidoscope look that mimics visual hallucinations.Yin Yang

Eastern spiritual images are also common. Even though psychedelic art is affiliated with the drug culture, it is not necessarily influenced by pharmaceuticals. The art uses pattern and color abstractly, creating a feeling of transcendence. That is why I am including it.

Designer Wall Art

One Day at a Time

This print on canvas features the “One Day at a Time” slogan with abstract art. The item is for purchase on Amazon if you click on the book image.

Print on demand has given artists a way of selling their art without having to print mass quantities themselves. Interior decorators can purchase a one-of-a-kind piece that is much more reasonably priced than an original.

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Homes can have beautiful wall art and décor that suits their individual preference without having to leave home. Often print on demand galleries will illustrate how an item looks on a wall or one a shelf. Websites such as Etsy also serve as opportunities for purchase of original and printed art.

A quick search on artist websites will link to a category of metaphysical wall art. These are available in a variety of sizes and styles. There are spiritual art posters available on Amazon. These range from prints of classical paintings to beautiful mandalas. There are many art prints directly related to a religious sect or denomination.

Mythical themes from books and movies are available. Many people would rather have words in the art for the home. This can convey a specific message. These are perfect for gifts. Simple wording is often desired in contemporary homes. Artists offer printable art. These can be printed in your own home. You just download a PDF file and don’t have to wait for delivery. This is perfect for a rush gift and can be easily framed in a small frame.

PrayerThis is also a good way to find spiritual or mystical wall art with a special sentiment or prayer. There are beautiful examples of the Lord’s Prayer or 23rd Psalm. For anyone in a recovery program, a beautiful and appropriate gift is a framed Serenity Prayer or One Day at a Time slogan in a typographic design.

Mystical wall art lends itself to being printed on other materials than paper. Metal wall artwork is available from most online print-on-demand galleries. The art is produced by being printed directly onto an aluminum panel.


Mystical wall art conveys personal feelings and adds to home décor. You may want wall hangings that add serenity to a meditation area. Spiritual art has been on architecture and part of interior décor since the beginning of time. Humans are visual creatures and often an image expresses our thoughts better than words.cave painting

Typography creates graphic images with only words. Since the time when cave men drew and made symbols on the walls, humans have needed to express their feelings in art and music. Often those feelings are a connection to a higher power. We want to show gratitude and make sure be are blessed in the future. We honor dead and celebrate new life. Art and song convey the messages we want to make special.