How to Attract Positive Spiritual Energy

Positive spiritual energy could be defined as hopeful strength from the soul. This is power for chemical and physical resources in maintaining joyful spiritual connections to the universe. The energy applies to all religions and spiritual beliefs. It can apply to home, personal, psychological, and health related environments. Or it could be the energy directed to the entire world or universe.


Auras are the energetic filed surrounding the body of a living creature. The atmospheric colors of the aura indicate different moods or a reflection of the state of your being.Full moon rising reflectionAncient art indicates a knowledge of human auras. Halos were commonly put around the heads of spiritual and people. The concept was first noted in the West by Charles Webster Leadbeater.

Charles Webster Leadbeater
Charles Webster Leadbeater

He incorporated the Hindu and Buddhist ideas of Chakras. He added his own theories of color auras that relate to different parts of the body. Later Edgar Cayce used some of the thoughts. A camera to record auras was first developed in the 1970s by Guy Coggins. Auras were explored or very much until the New Age movement developed in the 1980’s.Healing auras

The meaning of the different colors is detailed and depends on circumstances and interpretation. But here is a general guide.

Red shows strength, vitality, passion, and being energetic. It can also indicate anger, fear and egotism.

Orange is related to courage, ambition and being considerate of others. Orange is optimistic and enthusiastic.

Yellow show that someone is happy, friendly and fun.

Green shows peacefulness, compassion and a healing nature. It can also show jealousy. Hence, the term, green with envy.

chakraBlue is sensitive, peacefulness and inner peace. Blue can also indicate moodiness.

Indigo means someone is a seeker with a lot of intuition.

Violet also shows a lot of intuition along with wisdom and spirituality. It is also related to creativity.

Pink is love and friendship.

Grey in an aura show a lack of energy and depression

Brown shows that you need to stay away, because this person is greedy, opinionated and only thinks about themselves.

Black would mean no energy and all. It would show someone was ill and possibly on their deathbed.

White shows that someone has perfect balance.colorful chakras

Some people are reported to be able to see auras around people. It has been suggested that those individuals have synesthesia. That is a condition where the stimulation of one sense leads to another sense being activated.

There are photos that record one’s aura. Someone puts their hand on top of a metal plate. The metal is attached to a machine that uses software to translate the information to a screen. The energy in the hand will show the auras for the entire body. This is because of the acupressure points in the hands.

An experienced and very intuitive healer may be able to interpret your aura for healing purposes. However, I would not think this a very good way to acquire positive spiritual knowledge. For one thing, the colors change constantly. And there seems to be so much variance of the meanings, it doesn’t seem accurate. If you already are seeing a Reiki expert, psychic or healer that you trust, they may see auras. Otherwise, I would not seek this out as a reliable measure of self-knowledge.


Having a positive mindset can be learned. Even the most negative person can retrain your brain. Most psychologists recommend practicing positive thinking techniques for mental health and a happier life.

Getting a new perspective on your situations can often bring about a more positive attitude. Try to think of what others are thinking instead of what you imagine. You can’t. Nobody knows what goes on in another’s brain. So, forget the story you have made up in your own mind. It may be false.

We have all seen the motivational messages that hang on walls. If you are a bitter person, they probably annoy you. You may think that someone is just trying to brainwash you by making you look at uplifting quotes or slogans. Maybe your brain needs a little scrubbing.

Try making your own message and leaving them in places that you frequently look. They don’t have to say, “Be Happy.” Write words that means something to you personally. You might write, “Love yourself,” “Respect Yourself,” “I Have Meaning,” or “I Am Important.” Or maybe just a single word that is a reminder to be compassionate. You can write, “Gratitude,” “Forgiveness,” “Believe,” or “Trust.”

You can self-brainwash yourself. You can’t really. If your self wants to change it will or it won’t. If it chooses to have a more positive outlook, that means it wants to. It just needs help to break old habits. Negative thinking patterns can become automatic and habitual. Maybe a bad experience or even a traumatic event caused your mind to expect the worse. It is sometime the brains way of defending itself to be prepared for the worst.

We all know that habits can be broken. We also all know that it can be really, difficult to change. But it is possible. Behavior is learned over time by repetitive action. You don’t even really have to want to. Just doing something differently will change the way your brain perceives the situation. Try taking a different route to work or school. Look at your surrounding as if you were visiting from another country. You may discover something you had missed. Or you may just briefly forget what was making you feel negative.

All of this may not be enough if you are suffering for clinical depression, are suffering from Post-Traumatic Syndrome, or have some other mental disorder. You may need professional care or medication to change your brain.

A little positive thinking wouldn’t hurt even if one is seriously disturbed. Nobody ever overdosed from a motivational slogan.

Here are few popular slogans to put on the wall and brainwash yourself.

“The day is what you make it! So why not make it a great one?” – Steve Schulte

“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Being miserable is a habit; being happy is a habit; and the choice is yours.” – Tom Hopkins

“You cannot tailor-make the situations in life, but you can tailor-make the attitudes to fit those situations.” – Zig Ziglar

“Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out.” – John Wooden

“The greatest discovery of our generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind. As you think, so shall you be.” – William James

“Optimism is the most important human trait, because it allows us to evolve our ideas, to improve our situation, and to hope for a better tomorrow.” – Seth Godin

“Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.” – Dennis P. Kimbro

“Start each day with a positive thought and a grateful heart.” – Roy T. Bennett

“If you are positive, you’ll see opportunities instead of obstacles.” – Widad Akrawi

“People like to be around those who give off positive energy.” – Erin Heatherton

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.” – Helen Keller


Spiritual healing is based on the idea that all physical and mental disorders have a root cause that is spiritual in nature. The physical life is considered just one part of the total existence. Healers often use ritual, prayer, guided meditation and visualization techniques. The are a variety of ways that have been found to balance and unblock spiritual energy and regain a path to better health and enlightenment.

There are so many kinds of spiritual healing that it would be impossible to list them all. Here are just a few that you may not have heard of.

PRANIC healing uses life energy, or Prana, to replace bad energy. The method uses a no-touch technique to cleanse the body of negative energy and replace it with positive.

REIKI is like Pranic healing. There is also no touching involved. Reiki channels currents of spiritual energy. The goal is to balance the Chakras. These are the 7 points of energy and power in the body. The idea originated with Hinduism. Each Chakra has a corresponding color associated with it.



The root Chakra is at the base of the spine and is red.
The Sacral Chakra is orange. It is right about the root Chakra.
Just above that is the solar plexus, which is right in the center of your body. Its color theme is yellow
The heart Chakra’s color is green.
Above that is the throat Chakra, which is blue.
Next is the brow Chakra or third eye. It is related to the color indigo.
At the very top of the head is the 7th Chakra, also called the crown Chakra. Its color is violet. When the crown Chakra is open, it connects to higher states of consciousness. If you have an interest in Chakra healing there are professionals in every metropolitan area. Here is a starter kit in the link below on Amazon. Personal experience can be the best proof of any healing modality.

QIGONG is an ancient Chines therapy that utilizes the life force energy to heal. It is basically a type of exercises, breathing techniques and meditations.

12 STEP Programs are based on the principles founded by Alcoholics Anonymous. It uses twelve steps that are easy but designed to transform one’s life. The 12 Steps are a group of spiritual and psychological lessons. The full description is detailed in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. Although its foundation is with A.A., the steps have been adapted for uses with numerous self-help groups. If you or someone you know believes they have a problem with alcohol, there is an office in every city in the world. Someone will gladly answer any questions you have over the phone. The groups are completely anonymous, autonomous, and are not affiliated with any other institution or religious group.

SHIATSU is a form of massage. It uses the hands and fingers to apply pressure to different points in the body. These energy points in the body hold onto stress, trauma and negative emotions. They can be released by a trained therapist in healing.

SPIRIT HEALING is also referred to as “laying on of hands.” Touching is a way of transferring energy from one person to another. The healer may sometimes go into a trance or contact a spirit guide.

QUANTUM TOUCH TECHNIQUE is like Reiki and Qigong. It involves vibration and touch. It combines meditation and breathing in its healing

EFT is a technique that uses the ancient concepts of pressure points. It is a self-healing method in which the person taps with their finger on various spots on the body. It is combined with psychology in that the speaks phrases that relate to the problem and combines it with positive phrases. Tapping, or EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE is a very simple kind of therapy with very powerful results. There are professional groups and trained individuals that address every situation or problem. I suggest everyone to research the Tapping Solution on YouTube and find out yourself how miraculous this is. One big plus is that you can do it yourself, for free, to start and text the results. If you are more interested there are great centers that share professional guidance and seminars along with the tapping. But the basic principle is so simple that it seems silly. That is, until you experience the results, as I have. Notice that I am not promoting this in any ways as an ad. It is just my own experience and desire to share.

Theta healing is a form of prayer and meditation. It focused on changing the person’s brain waves to heal emotional and physical health.


Healing crystals and stones are used to draw negative energy out of the body. The crystals balance magnetic fields in the body by vibration of electromagnetism. They can also be used in conjunction with Reiki.

Citron crystals have a power to influence self-confidence, wealth and creativity.
Rose Quartz
Rose quartz is related to the heart Chakra. It regulates positive energy in the region of the fourth Chakra.

Clear quartz is connected to the crown Chakra and provides positive energy. Its intense vibrations connect you to higher consciousness.

Amethyst crystals are used to draw out and get rid of negative energy.

Healing sessions in Reiki may sometimes use a technique of laying crystals on Chakra points. Stones or crystals can also be place in a circle around the person to form a grid of energy.

The Native American Hopi tribe used crystals in healing. Hawaiian Island cultures and the Chinese give healing power to crystals and stones.healing

EMF, or Electro Magnetic Frequency Protection Devices use Metal encased in resin to block dangerous electromagnetic fields from electronic devices. It combines metals and sometimes in devices to reduce the radiation that is emitted everywhere with the advent of consumer electronic devices that surround people at home, work and on the street. This field has many aspects and will be covered in a blog of its own. Although it uses crystals, EMF protection is a separate area of healing. The crystal aren’t necessary for the devices to work. That have added healing power.


Our brains are changing all the time. This plastic state means that brain waves are affected be every outside stimulus. Prayer and meditation are a method of focusing on healing and positive energy. Your body reacts to this. Tests have shown that less than one minute a day of prayer and meditation on positive images will change your brain waves. The reverse is also true. Prayer can reverse physical effects of stress.dove-3426187_640

The role of spirituality in life is personal and human beliefs systems vary with cultures and groups. A belief that one is grateful to a higher power has a huge impact on someone’s attitude and on health. Anger, stress, self-centered attitudes and resentment causes the destruction of living cells.

This doesn’t mean everyone sick has been negative. Environment, DNA, diet and accidents cause physical illness and damage. But if a person lives in closeness to the Spirit, that makes it easier to let go of worldly pain, struggle and negativity. Pain is physical. But the mind also controls the body. And if the mind is full of positive spiritual thoughts, it is easier to let God in. Then there is less room for thoughts of pain and depression.clouds-3978912_640


Meditation and prayer are closely aligned. However, meditation is a mechanical, physical action. It can, but doesn’t have to be, spiritual. You don’t need to “believe” in meditation for it to work. Meditation is like lifting weights. You don’t need to believe your body will build muscles for the exercise to work.

chakra meditationMeditation gives a focus on self-awareness. It is letting go of thinking and just being. It can bring a sense of serenity and even euphoria. Both meditation and prayer have been proven to alter brain waves. For that reason, there are healing aspects of the practice of meditation.


What is healthy. It is basically when a person is at peace and happy. It that context a person could be suffering a chronic physical disease and still be healthy. Nobody lives forever. There are daily advances in the medical industry. However, the environment is becoming more toxic. The world is becoming overcrowded. It is wonderful that science is finding cures for disease. But most people think it is the quality of life that is important.

Often it is only the rich that can afford to benefit from medical cures. However, everyone can pray, meditate and think positively. So how to attract positive spiritual energy is just as important as being wealthy. If humans become more spiritually aware, then the planet will have a future, not just as a parking place for mega cities and technological machines, but for happy human beings.

What do you think?

Is Spirituality important in the world?

Are positive thinking techniques worth trying?

Would you rather put all your faith in science than spiritual healing?

Have you had an experience with healing that you would like to share?

If you are interested in Orgone and EMF blocking, I am writing a new post on this subject. You can click on this link to view a sample of an Orgone pyramid. 

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  1. Hi
    I have done many meditation and yoga practices from which I gain a lot. The meditation of all the chakras helps in understanding our mind and body spiritually. Practicing meditation focusing our mind with your surrounding by expanding mental power is the one I enjoyed the most. Meditation for positive spiritual powers is also employed in many therapy technics like dance and music therapy. I do have personal experiences on spiritual powers and it is quite a beneficial one. Moreover, I just love reading this article with so many techniques and various perspective to gain positive energy. Thanks a lot for giving a chance to this article.
    Warm regards,

  2. This is really a good post about how to attract positive spiritual energy. It’s  full of so many knowledgeable things, even some things that I thought I new already, I am knowing them better. It is also inspiring especially talking about a positive mindset and the quote of Williams James that says The greatest discovery of our generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind. As you think, so shall you be.i will like to ask a question I love to ask any time I am in a religious gathering. Can one learn the act of healing through prayers? 

  3. Hello John!

    This post is exactly what I need in this period of my life. Currently, everything goes wrong, I’m super stressed with everything and I have no idea how to attract positive energy to turn my life around. It really gives me hope what you are stating here. Having a positive attitude and mindset is a skill you can work on and learn. I’ve done EFT in the past and it was so worth it because it helped me a lot without even realizing it. I will keep an eye on your website, cause I think you are doing an amazing job.

  4. Hello John!

    This post is exactly what I need in this period of my life. Currently, everything goes wrong, I’m super stressed with everything and I have no idea how to attract positive energy to turn my life around. It really gives me hope what you are stating here. Having a positive attitude and mindset is a skill you can work on and learn. I’ve done EFT in the past and it was so worth it because it helped me a lot without even realizing it. I will keep an eye on your website, cause I think you are doing an amazing job.

  5. Your article was a very rich one. Spirituality is very important to the world. Spirituality  has helped me to be an instrument for healing for so someone very close to me. My sister was once attacked spiritually by demons and I was the only one at home with her. Our parents traveled to somewhere. It happened that when the attack took hold of her she became extremely week and unconscious, I had no other option but to pray hard immediately. It was just a miracle  the way she became recovered her self and everything became fine. Spirituality is very vital and power of positive thoughts is also very important to the world. 

  6. Your article was a very rich one. Spirituality is very important to the world. Spirituality  has helped me to be an instrument for healing for so someone very close to me. My sister was once attacked spiritually by demons and I was the only one at home with her. Our parents traveled to somewhere. It happened that when the attack took hold of her she became extremely week and unconscious, I had no other option but to pray hard immediately. It was just a miracle  the way she became recovered her self and everything became fine. Spirituality is very vital and power of positive thoughts is also very important to the world. 

  7. I appreciate your article on how to attract positive spiritual energy. This article is rich in wisdom and knowledge. Reading between the lines in this article, I grab that positive mindset in life is the bedrock of any success. You carefully as well highlighted how positive mindset could be developed. When the mind and are head are clear and there is focus and meditation,  it draw spiritual energy. I am richly blessed with this article. Good job

  8. Hi,

    This article has been called about the infinite power. After this article Manosh could get a strong sense of inferior power, which can strengthen Manu’s ideas. This article is able to give full understanding of Manus’ inherent strength. I have also learned a lot about this article later on. I have learned a lot because of this. Thanks to writing an article like this.

  9. Wow, this is a very enlightening article, I have never really known much about auras and the meaning of the different colors.

    I totally agree with you, Just doing something different will change the way your brain perceives the situation. It is amazing how much being a consistent habit create our outlook on life so we can change that outlook by changing our habits.

    Spirituality is definitely important in the world, I think science and spirituality go hand in hand. All the tips you have given been proven to be highly efficient by science.

    My experience with healing comes from when I decided to start practicing meditation, as I had a lot of health issues which doctors could not diagnose the cause, I have really noticed a great improvement in my health since I started meditating consistently now for two weeks.

    My question to you is, practicing meditation consistently could be challenging, what is the secret of being consistent?

    1. Thanks. I have troulbe being consistent unless I create a habit of doing something at the same time every day. I haven’t done that lately because I start i. Working on WA and lose track of tome. Thanks for the reminder. I need to practice what I preach

  10. I remember learning of Chakras back in college, along with Reiki, was another term that jumped out at me. For me, this article provided an excellent refresher of the subject and namely crystals have been something that I’ve been looking to read up on more. Where is the best place to acquire crystals? Should they be store-bought, or collected by another means?

    1. There are many places to by crystals in Los Angeles, but it would depend on where you live. I always see them sold at craft fairs. I grew up in the southwest and we could always find crystals on hikes. If you don’t have access to that try EBay. Thanks

  11. By reading this article I have known about positive spiritual energy. This is so informative article about spiritual energy.From this article I have known about  various colours symptoms which defines the symptom of different spiritual resources. Really it’s a informative article. Thanks a lot for this kind of article sharing. 

  12. Wow.i have never felt touched through an article but reading this article has really informed and educated me on ways to attract spiritual energy. I have always wanted to improve my spiritual level , I have always wanted to grow spiritually but this article has fed me. Words can’t express how I’m feeling right now . I will keep following you to get more touching post .

  13. I really want to say that I appreciate your on how to attract positive spiritual energy. some of the things I thought I new,  I just got more explanation on them, it opened my eyes of understanding.i will also like to say that it is inspiring,  following the part were you talked about Having a positive mindset can be learned. Even the most negative person can retrain your brain.will also like to ask that, can healing through prayers be learnt? 

    1. Thanks Barry. Prayer is the easiest thing to learn because there is no right or wrong way, in my opinion. But that depends on your belief system. I would usay to right now just close your end yes, relax, and get in touch with your inner spirit. That’s it. You’ve learned. 

  14. This is a very interesting article about the energy and auras present in the physical universe. I first learned about this concept in 2012 when I attended a spiritual healing seminar.

    The instructors made us understand that regardless of your religious beliefs or orientation, you can tap into the endless flow of energy surrounding the universe and achieve anything you conceive in your heart. The ancient Babylonians and Hindus have been reputed to use auras to their advantage and achieve great feats because they have been able to control their thought process.

    Ever since I discovered this, I have been listening to a number of subliminal audios and watching motivational videos that help me send out the right “vibes” and attract positive circumstances. One movie that has helped me a lot is “The Secret.” Ever since I watched it, I have come to understand that our mindset plays a major role in attracting positive or negative circumstances and also that the signal we send to the universe often determines what we get in return. 

    Whether people understand it or not, there is a spiritual side to our wellbeing and gaining mastery of it will tremendously improve our lives.

  15. I do understand that The best way to attract positive energy is to vibrate higher by sending out positive energy each and every day with your thoughts, feelings, and actions. It may seem like a tall order, but when you get the hang of it you’ll love all the good vibes. But how long does it take to turn a negative energy into a positive one? 

    1. I can’t answer that. But, from my experience it can be instantaneous. The trouble is that negative thoughts and energy can come back. For me it takes consistant practice. Some people are graced with a natural positive outlook. I have to work at it

  16. Hi. 

    I’ve read some articles about Charles Webster Leadbeater but none of them talked about his theories of color auras that relate to different parts of the body. I’ll search extensively for his work on that and other related articles. 

    Positive thinking is the key to success and the goodnews is that it can be learned. 

  17. Personally speaking, spirituality is very important because the spiritual controls the physical. Aside that we are also spiritual being, a spirit who has a soul living in a body. I also believe in the power that lies with positive thinking and positive confession, as we tend to attract what we think or confess with our mouth so why not think and confess positive things. All things are possible.

  18. thanks for writing this article on how to attract positive spiritual energy and I must commend you for writing this article on this topic, I really find it helpful.i really find this article informative and educative on the sense that you talk about what different colour represent. I do meditate most time but I will like to ask a question. Can I attract positive energy from only prayer and study of the Bible or I need to do more in other areas you write in the article 

  19. Hi, great article. There is power in positive thinking, and I quite agree with you that the most negative person can learn to be positive. This can be achieved by reading motivational books that will make the person develop a positive attitude. I love the way you defined positive spiritual energy, very short and meaningful.

    Thanks for teaching me the meaning of different colours and what they represent. I have never seen red colour as vitality and strength, but I do know it shows passion, danger, anger.

    It was quite interesting reading through your informative piece. Keep up the good work.

  20. I was introduced to something called a ‘Cosmic Energy Chart’ only just last week but I didn’t know enough about it, or have enough faith in it, to proceed with it’s info. 

    I’m very interested in this idea of positive energy and universal energies that help us succeed in life, but I am a newcomer to it all. Do you review any books or products on this site that could apply to a newcomer like myself?

    1. Thanks Chris. I have not reviewed any books. But that’s an idea I was planning on for the future. the books I have read are old. There are many new ones though. These are two of my favorites. 

      The Secret Science at Work by Max Freedom Long

      The Mystical Life of Jesus by H. Spencer Lewis

  21. Thank you.
    I always get annoyed and feel my time wasted when I see articles that give little advice. My mind still wants to understand the reason why and how things work before I can take any information. I like how you have explained, having a positive mindset can be learned. I think positive thinking techniques worth trying. A couple of years ago I had panic disorder. Positive thinking helped me to heal. Your article had value in every sentence for me, and I am grateful. Thank you.

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