When I was first introduced to EMFs, the only time I had heard of anything similar was the brother on the TV series, Better Call Saul. He suffered from a condition known as Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity.

Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul

The character was treated as psychologically disturbed. I thought it was just something made up for the show. But it is a real condition that affects from 3-5% of the population. What’s more there are a growing number of people who believe that everyone is affected and especially children.


The closer you are the to a power station the more you are exposed to dangerous EMFs.

The scientific community maintains that Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity is in the imagination of those who claim to suffer from it. Schools are installing WiFi that is bombarding children and students with microwave radio frequency radiation that can cause damage to immune systems, brain cells, reproductive systems and cause cancer. EMF rays

The Environmental Health Trust has developed a set of kits and standard for parents to follow to protect their children from continuous health threats. The Environmental Health Trust is a non-profit group of experts who research pollution from microwave radiation. Their goal is to educate communities and parents of school children about the risks and electromagnetic field protection that is available.

Does an Energy or Life Force Exist?

Energy is defined as the ability of a measurement of the work involved to cause something to move. Work involves transfer of a force from one thing to another. In other words, a rock moves because a hand throws it. A window breaks because a rock causes a force to move the glass. Glass falls because gravity pulls it to the ground.religion and mysticism

Some scientists use the term energy as a measurement, but object to the term being used as a noun. This means they don’t accept the description of energy as it is used in esoteric terms as something present in all organisms. The say there is no scientific proof that such a force exists. Energy is not a thing, it is the measurement of a thing.

The same people say that alternative therapy or spirituality that involves the belief in energy as a life force is flawed in its premise. They also say that New Age beliefs and alternative medicine can’t prove the results. This is true because science does not spend the money to research these subjects.

wellness energy

The U.S. government prefers to spend billions of dollars on pharmaceutical research. Medical cure studies are essential, but I believe it is also time to develop therapy that is non-invasive, less expensive and not toxic. Science also negates the concept of negative and positive energy in reference to life force. Although nobody disputes the negative and positive forces in electricity.

The belief in a life force goes back to antiquity. There are many names for it, including mana, Aether, Qi, Ectoplasm and Prana.

What is an EMF?

Electromagnetic frequency relates to the number of waves in an electromagnetic field. We are surrounded by electromagnetic fields in the natural environment. The earth’s gravity is one example. Besides natural waves, there are man made fields from X-rays, electricity for appliances, TV, radio and mobile phones. Our own bodies use electromagnetic fields to function. The heart and brain use electric impulses from chemical reactions. Our bodies get energy from this source.computers EMFs

Light is electromagnetic radiation. They travel through the vacuum of space. That’s how we see the sun and stars. Gamma rays, ultraviolet and X-rays have high frequencies and radio waves have low frequencies. That means the waves are longer. The higher waves can ionize molecules and cause damage to living cells.

Dangers in Electromagnetic Frequencies

There are many people concerned about the effects of long term, low level electromagnetic waves. As technology explodes, we are bombarded with these waves. As I previously said, these are not all bad and not all waves have an effect.cell tower

The problem lies in the different forms that this energy takes. The use of radio waves is a new phenomenon and its effects are uncertain. The human body has an amazing ability to adjust to changes. But it is not able to compensate for all forms of exposure. And we aren’t sure how biology does respond. Many people blame health problems such as cancer, eye damage and insomnia on the predominance of EMFs in the environment at dangerous levels. The effects of electric blankets, computer screens and mobile phones have been possible hazards to health because of the proximity to the body. The big question is how long-term exposure to EMFs will affect life.network

The International EMF Project is a research group formed by the World Health Organization. There is a great deal of study to learn of the dangers of electromagnetic frequencies on health. This agency is conducting widespread research on the subject. Many countries have passed legislation involving the risks of electromagnetic field pollution.

Microwaves have been used as weapons since the 1960s. It is in the same category as nuclear weapons. The frequencies used in your microwave oven at home the same frequencies used in wireless devices. Few realize the only difference is the wattage.signs

They are the same frequencies as the Wi-Fi in schools. Cable is more expensive and so many schools are installing WiFi. This is said by some to have the potential to cause cell damage and even effect future embryonic development.

Do EMF Shields Work?

In the U.S., there are no standard government regulations for electronic devices. There are many who believe there is already proof of the dangers of EMFs. Various types of shields have been developed. Pyramids of Orgonite stop the rays from penetrating. Clothing has been developed to shield the rays.power station

Many products are on the market that claim to protect people from EMF pollution. Fabric has been developed especially for this purpose. Large tents fit over a bed in the same manner as a curtain to control insects. However, pads that you put under you, such as on a bed, should be avoided until further research is done. Some have said they may make the problem worse by connecting you to the current.

Jewelry such as pendants and bracelets are made that repel the waves. Many contain crystals and metal that acts as a shield. The validity of these is worth researching. Many are hand made by specialists who have studied the subject intensely. Others could be just basically decorative. My guess is to read reviews before you make a purchase. If it has 5 stars on Amazon, it is most likely from a reliable maker. Click here to see a sample of a beautiful Orgonite EMF protection crystal pendant on Amazon.  Cell phone covers are easy to find. They provide protection, especially if someone frequently holds the phone in their hand up to their ear.


What is Orgone?

The term Orgone does not refer to a substance. It is an energy that is believed to be a life-force that is contained in all living substance. As previously discussed, energy is considered a measurement in science rather than a substance. The Austrian doctor and psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich coined the term Orgone in the 1930s. He had worked with Freud as a young man and moved to the U.S. to escape WWII. Reich developed the idea that physical conditions affected a person’s psychological health.

Wilhelm Reich

Wilhelm Reich was a prolific writer and researcher who coined the term libido.

Reich had the idea that blocked sexual energy was at the root of most physical and mental problems. He invented the Orgone Energy Accumulator, which balanced energy. The walls of the box had layers of organic material and non organic substances. It was thought that sitting inside the box would increase the Orgone, or life-force, by trapping negative energy and radiating positive energy.

It became very popular, possibly because of the sexual nature or the treatment. Many of the poets, writers and artists of the Beat Generation claimed it was said to increase the libido. J.D. Salinger, William S. Burroughs and Jack Kerouac were proponents of the Orgone Energy Accumulator. It also supposedly helpful with drug withdrawal. Jack Kerouac

The mood of post-WWII American public had become conservative. So, Beatniks who indulged in casual sex, drugs and jazz were frowned on by Main Street America. The government clamped down on the use of his machine. It was outlawed in some states. Reich was arrested. His writing and machines were destroyed. He was committed to a mental hospital where he died in 1957. One of his students continued Reich’s research.
Wilhelm Reich Prisoner 1957

Wilhelm Reich was arrested, his books and machines destroyed, he was imprisoned and then committed to an insane asylum where he died in 1957.

The Orgonite devices sold today use the principles he developed. Fabric, shields and Orgonite pyramids are the most common tools. They are used now to block Electromagnetic Frequencies, or EMFs. Pollution from microwave frequencies are a growing concern.

What Are Some EMF Shields?

EMF fabric is used to soften the signals. It doesn’t block them completely. The fabric is a mesh of polyester and threads of copper, stainless steel, silver, or nickel. There is clothing made of the fabric. It is also available in curtains and tents to create a barrier.curtains-1854110_640

The problem with clothing is that it is hard to clean the fabric. Another problem is that some fabric may contain chemicals that would irritate a sensitive person’s skin.

There are testers to use in determining the effectiveness of shields. On is a Tri-Field TF2 meter. These can measure the frequency before and after use.

EMF protection can be purchased as fabric for clothing or barriers.

EMF protection can be purchased as fabric for clothing or barriers and even tents.

EMF shielding Paint is sold that contains metal. This reduces some frequencies but does not completely block. Also, there are chips and cases to use on phones for protection. There are panels that shield and even cages to put around computer stations. The problem with all of these is that if you surround yourself with a barrier to EMFs and are inside it, it makes the pollution worse if you are inside with a mobile device. Then the waves bounce around inside the enclosed space and can’t get out. Check out EMF Academy for more research on this subject.

Orgonite pyramids are made to neutralize and balance the energy from EMFs. They are made with metals and sometimes crystals that are encased in a resin. The space between the metals contains healing photons. Quartz crystals amplify the energy. Pressure from the resin causes a shrinking that adds to the energy. The metal pulls the energy toward the center of the crystal like a magnet. The geometry of the pyramid shape increases the energy like an antenna. They are also made in other shapes and some think the resin is unnecessary.Orgonite Pyramids

My Opinion

In by research I think this is a subject that everyone needs to be aware of. I don’t think it’s the end of the world. I do think that there is evidence that EMFs can be a health hazard and especially to children. Some effects are stress, fatigue, depression, headaches, insomnia, difficulty concentrating, cancer, lowered immune systems and altered DNA.

As far as protection, I am planning to get a cover for by phone that has a shield. I don’t think I want to hang or wear fabric that blocks the frequencies. There is enough proof that it works effectively. Also, the paint seems questionable to me.Orgonite pyramid

I recommend orgonite pyramids and pendants. I have seen very sensitive people say that it has made a noticeable difference in the way they feel. After reading about the pyramids, I think it seems like a much better idea to balance the waves of energy instead of creating a barrier. In by opinion, shields seem like they may create a more harmful environment. But the pyramids being placed around a room seems more sensible. People are putting pyramids around the base of towers to help neutralize the EMFs. I plan to use Orgonite pyramids for electromagnetic field protection in by home and for personal use. I encourage the readers to explore electromagnetic frequency pollution as a rapidly growing problem.

Click here to view a beautiful Orgonite Tourmaline Pyramid on Amazon.