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Natural Health for Pets

The terms “natural” and “organic” have been over-used to sell human food. Now, they have little meaning. The best way to know how healthy food is to read labels, consult a nutritionist, research on the Web, or find out more about the production methods of the company. Even then there are conflicting schools of thought. […]

Can Miracles Really Happen?

Miracles are defined as something that cannot be explained by natural laws. Baruch Spinoza was a Dutch philosopher in the 1700s. He believed that a miracle is something we just haven’t yet found an explanation for. If you believe that premise, then there are no miracles. Humans seek  answers to every question. If people keep […]

Meditation and Mysticism – Spiritual Min


Meditation creates relaxation, less stress and better focus. I also have read that there is a strong correlation between meditation and mystical experiences. Yet, meditation is basically not spiritual. It is a physical exercise. I decided to research what the relationship is between the two. What is Meditation? Meditation means to spend time in quiet […]


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