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Mystical Wall Art

Metaphysical Spiritual Art Metaphysical art is a school of art created in early 20th century by Italian artist Giorgio de Chirico. It was surreal in style with a dark, mysterious mood. It often used neoclassical architectural images with futuristic qualities. The urban scenes without people gave them a feel of existential isolation.

Ancient Hawaiian Spiritual Secrets


Ho’oponopono is an ancient healing method. The focus is forgiveness. It teaches to forgive yourself and forgive others as a way of moving forward in your life. Ho’oponopono is practiced in many regions of the South Pacific Islands, including Hawaii. What is Ho’oponopono The concept is that if one has done something wrong or been […]

Can Miracles Really Happen?

Miracles are defined as something that cannot be explained by natural laws. Baruch Spinoza was a Dutch philosopher in the 1700s. He believed that a miracle is something we just haven’t yet found an explanation for. If you believe that premise, then there are no miracles. Humans seek  answers to every question. If people keep […]

How to Attract Positive Spiritual Energy

colorful chakras

Positive spiritual energy could be defined as hopeful strength from the soul. This is power for chemical and physical resources in maintaining joyful spiritual connections to the universe. The energy applies to all religions and spiritual beliefs. It can apply to home, personal, psychological, and health related environments. Or it could be the energy directed […]

Meditation and Mysticism – Spiritual Min


Meditation creates relaxation, less stress and better focus. I also have read that there is a strong correlation between meditation and mystical experiences. Yet, meditation is basically not spiritual. It is a physical exercise. I decided to research what the relationship is between the two. What is Meditation? Meditation means to spend time in quiet […]

Christian Mysticism Practices

Ancient portrait of Jesus Christ

Christian mystics strive for the transformation of ego so that they can be one with God. Athanasius of Alexandria was thought to have said that God became human so that man could become God. Mysticism is related to the heart, rather than the mind. It is based on personal experience. Famous mystics have reported visions […]

What is Astral Projection?

Meditation relieves anxiety

Astral projection is an out-of-body experience at will. The Astral body is separate from the physical body. Because it is in another dimension of space and time, it is capable of being anywhere. The astral plane is inhabited by souls that are journeying to their next life. It is also where angels, spirits that are […]

What are Some Ancient Secrets and Knowle...

Metaphysical Minds

Much of the spiritual knowledge from the past has been transferred from its original wording and imagery to symbols and philosophy of present-day popular religions and culture. One example would be Christmas. Originally it was celebrated as the Winter solstice feast day. The Romans made this a holiday as the rebirth of the sun. It […]


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