What is the Spiritual Meaning of Number 9?

9 fractal art

Throughout the ages and across the globe the number 9 has held a special, and sometimes sacred, place. The futurist-scientist, Nikola Tesla believed the number 9 is the vibration frequency of the universe. For humans, it is 9 months from conception to birth. Nine holds the meaning of finality. It is the last digit of the decimal system, and symbolizes the end of a cycle.Number 9

In numerology nine relates to a person’s life path. The 6 and 9 are mirror images and therefore symbolized eternity. Together they form the Yin Yang sign.

In art the rule of thirds uses 9 sections to determine a pleasing composition. Renaissance painters realized the human eye does not stay in one place on a canvas. It wanders. Human attention tends to move around rather than focus on the first thing it sees. The created the concept of the rule of thirds. The exception is when the center has emotional content, as with a group of people. The nine sections create a way of balancing the composition, though it is off balance. A second focal point is created on another intersection of the nine blocks. This makes the composition dynamic.

The Rule of Thirds
Third rule of thirds in art divides composition into 9 equal sections. The intersections are where the artist places the focal point. This creates dynamic interest.

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