What is the Light and Sound Mind Machine?

Colored Light Rays

Light and sound machines are electronic devices that play binaural beats along with strobe light. The person wears goggles that look like sunglasses. These glasses contain red and green LED lights. The lights play in pulsating patterns and create a spectrum of color. The combination of the sight and sound stimuli change the brainwaves of the wearer. This creates feeling of relaxation and sometimes an altered state of consciousness. They are also known as Dream Machines. Continue reading “What is the Light and Sound Mind Machine?”

Do Binaural Beats Really Work?

brain waves and light

This is an introduction to the use of Binaural Beats. There are many styles and types, professional and nonprofessional. There are paid versions to download and free. Later I will explore the differences. Now I will cover some basics.

binaural beat brain wavesAre Binaural Beats Real and How Do They Work?

The basic principle is that when two different frequencies of sound waves are heard with a different tone in each ear, the beat heard is the difference between the two. The brain hears a third sound and that is what is called Binaural beat. Continue reading “Do Binaural Beats Really Work?”