Lavender Oil Healing Properties

Lavender plant

When I started this research, I didn’t know lavender was good for so many mental and physical health problems. What I found is that lavender is almost a miracle supplement. Everyone needs lavender in their medicine cabinet.

Lavender oil healing properties range from anti-inflammatory benefits to treatment for parasite infection, stings and other insect bites. Minor burns can be treated with lavender oil. Inhaled lavender works as a natural antihistamine in the body. Histamines are naturally occurring compounds that regulate the immune system. They affect the immune response to any kind of infectious agent that enters the system. They help white blood cells in the chemical reaction to send signals to the brain and digestive system to fight allergies.

Studies done on humans have shown that lavender reduces heart rate and causes relaxation. This is being explored as a help for anxiety and depression. Lavender aids in detoxifying, can be a sedative, helps in healing scars and bruises. Continue reading “Lavender Oil Healing Properties”