This site will help you in your search for self-realization and serenity. I also am I providing numerous provide resources to learn more about meditation, mysticism, spirituality, nutrition, and self-help. One of my interests is history and knowledge that has been lost or ignored. I feel that many teachings that utilize sources in nature have been forgotten and discounted in today’s world. It is my goal to learn more about these subjects, and as I do, relate them to others.


My expertise is as painter and marketer. A career in publishing graphic arts in New York and Los Angeles has been rewarding. Unfortunately that field has changed so radically that my job barely exists. Fortunately that gives me more time to paint and create.

My interest in various forms of meditation and chanting began early in life. As an artist I express my feelings in color and texture. I can appreciate the beauty of photographic images but interpret the world I see through a filter of emotions and with a knowledge of design and composition. I feel as if the art I create has sprung from another dimension of light and energy.

My fascination with psychology has led me to study the human brain. Waves hit the ear and pass through intricate paths.

Then they become electric impulses. Neurons turn chemical connections into sight, memory, music, odors, language, emotion and all the sensations we experience as humans. I find the science amazing and the magnificent mechanism of the human brain to be miraculous.My Metaphysical Mind Arwork

Follow a Path Toward Enlightenment

Meditation and chanting, in my experience, has been life-changing. It will have a balancing, calming change to, that decreases anxiety and often clarify my direction. Meditation also makes my mind open to new alternate paths instead of always forcing the same pattern of behavior. Also, it can be simply enjoyable and provide an entertaining magical escape from routine struggles.

My studies in psychology and human behavior have led to an interest in the mind. I also experienced the benefits of therapy and counseling. At times, I have used prescription medication with varying results. Being that I was in college in the 1960’s, I certainly tried hallucinogenic drugs This also produced varying results, sometimes good, sometimes bad, sometime nothing. Our thinking is the result of the actions of chemicals in our body. I do not judge someone who uses chemicals for pleasure of to cope with a medical condition. I think life is too short to be in pain, so whatever works for you is your business.

My own life path has led me to know the serenity of recovery from addiction and the power of twelve step programs. I also know there are many people for whom these programs don’t work and feel that they can benefit from meditation to release themselves from the bondage of addiction.

There are nutritional products that can change our health, happiness and moods. I believe in many of the products such as essential oils, massage, and Reiki alignment to improve the quality of one’s life.

Stimuli from our environment become feelings and thoughts in our brains. IA vibrating wave from a sound moves through our body, creates electric paths and chemicals changing into neurons. Then this miraculous pathway results in our hearing a car honking, a song that reminds us of an old flame, a voice or conversation between strangers. It’s amazing to me how a brain distinguishes between vibrations and instantly creates a story with meaning and change to.

Our nature of reality has been greatly changed as a result of quantum physics. At one time I created a series of paintings that express my concept of the notion that we are all connected, and we all flow into each other and our surroundings. In my art I explore the idea that everything is light and energy in different forms. Numerous dimensions are simultaneously moving together. Healing and positive energy can be found in the awareness of that individuals are not isolated.

Meditation ArtWe are not alone

I believe this knowledge can be found in various forms of meditation and mystical practice. I think society has limited in today’s world. We are no longing linked to nature and the forces that created us. Man has become self-centered and in doing so has destroyed what is around us. Industrialization, mechanization and technology have been used by those who are only interested in power and money. Yet, that same knowledge can be used to find meaning in life.

Our environment may be changing and as individuals we may be unable to change anyone else Yet, each person on their own can create a life that is tranquil, loving and aware. We have the technology to set ourselves free and show kindness to our neighbors. Let’s do it now.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

John Freeman Fish