Spiritual Metaphysical Gifts

The first gift to acknowledge is what you are grateful for in your own life. That can be up the individual. Most find that love, family, freedom and a sense of being important to your community are basic gifts. Others are devoted more specifically to one area. Artists, musicians, sports figures and scientists may not have as much time to devote to other people or society because of the demands of their profession. Others such as nuns or monks may put the entire energy of their lives into spiritual devotion. Others may feel that acquisition of wealth is more important than social, family or relationships.smiling-woman-1340662_640

Everyone is different and has their own path. I think the secret to gratitude is to find out first what makes you feel happy, grounded, fulfilled and centered. But in this blog post I wanted to write about a different kind of gift. There is often a problem of what to give someone who seems to have everything. For one who is devoted to self-realization and personal growth is may be difficult to find a birthday gift. If your friend is a Healer, it may be confusing to find what to give them. The giver may not have knowledge of meditation, Chakras, light-work or other subjects.

But there is a solution. There are many excellent online stores that sell products specifically in the area of metaphysics, healing, and spiritual growth. This is an exploration of these topics. You don’t have to be limited to one type of gift. There are several categories. You should be able to find something unique and also appropriate as a gift. Continue reading “Spiritual Metaphysical Gifts”

Can Miracles Really Happen?

Miracles are defined as something that cannot be explained by natural laws. Baruch Spinoza was a Dutch philosopher in the 1700s.

Baruch Spinoza

He believed that a miracle is something we just haven’t yet found an explanation for. If you believe that premise, then there are no miracles. Humans we seek an answer to every question. If people keep searching long enough, they will find an answer, or create one.

What are Some Famous Miracles?

In 2014 Rub Graupera-Cassimiro became unconscious at a Florida hospital. She had no pulse for 45 minutes. While her family were saying goodbye, she came back to life. She did not have any brain damage and completely recovered. Continue reading “Can Miracles Really Happen?”

Electromagnetic Field Protection

When I was first introduced to EMFs, the only time I had heard of anything similar was the brother on the TV series, Better Call Saul. He suffered from a condition known as Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity.

Better Call Saul
Better Call Saul

The character was treated as psychologically disturbed. I thought it was just something made up for the show. But it is a real condition that affects from 3-5% of the population. What’s more there are a growing number of people who believe that everyone is affected and especially children.

The closer you are the to a power station the more you are exposed to dangerous EMFs.

The scientific community maintains that Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity is in the imagination of those who claim to suffer from it. Schools are installing WiFi that is bombarding children and students with microwave radio frequency radiation that can cause damage to immune systems, brain cells, reproductive systems and cause cancer. EMF raysThe Environmental Health Trust has developed a set of kits and standard for parents to follow to protect their children from continuous health threats. The Environmental Health Trust is a non-profit group of experts who research pollution from microwave radiation. Their goal is to educate communities and parents of school children about the risks and electromagnetic field protection that is available. Continue reading “Electromagnetic Field Protection”

How to Attract Positive Spiritual Energy

Positive spiritual energy could be defined as hopeful strength from the soul. This is power for chemical and physical resources in maintaining joyful spiritual connections to the universe. The energy applies to all religions and spiritual beliefs. It can apply to home, personal, psychological, and health related environments. Or it could be the energy directed to the entire world or universe.


Auras are the energetic filed surrounding the body of a living creature. The atmospheric colors of the aura indicate different moods or a reflection of the state of your being.Full moon rising reflectionContinue reading “How to Attract Positive Spiritual Energy”

Meditation and Mysticism – Spiritual Mind Power

Meditation creates relaxation, less stress and better focus. I also have read that there is a strong correlation between meditation and mystical experiences. Yet, meditation is basically not spiritual. It is a physical exercise. I decided to research what the relationship is between the two.

What is Meditation?

Meditation means to spend time in quiet thought or contemplation. Probably every religion since antiquity has used forms of meditation. Yoga, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish and Sufi spiritual practices all have meditation as a prime method of finding faith. Continue reading “Meditation and Mysticism – Spiritual Mind Power”

Lavender Oil Healing Properties

When I started this research, I didn’t know lavender was good for so many mental and physical health problems. What I found is that lavender is almost a miracle supplement. Everyone needs lavender in their medicine cabinet.

Lavender oil healing properties range from anti-inflammatory benefits to treatment for parasite infection, stings and other insect bites. Minor burns can be treated with lavender oil. Inhaled lavender works as a natural antihistamine in the body. Histamines are naturally occurring compounds that regulate the immune system. They affect the immune response to any kind of infectious agent that enters the system. They help white blood cells in the chemical reaction to send signals to the brain and digestive system to fight allergies.

Studies done on humans have shown that lavender reduces heart rate and causes relaxation. This is being explored as a help for anxiety and depression. Lavender aids in detoxifying, can be a sedative, helps in healing scars and bruises. Continue reading “Lavender Oil Healing Properties”

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Number 9?

Throughout the ages and across the globe the number 9 has held a special, and sometimes sacred, place. The futurist-scientist, Nikola Tesla believed the number 9 is the vibration frequency of the universe. For humans, it is 9 months from conception to birth. Nine holds the meaning of finality. It is the last digit of the decimal system, and symbolizes the end of a cycle.Number 9

In numerology nine relates to a person’s life path. The 6 and 9 are mirror images and therefore symbolized eternity. Together they form the Yin Yang sign.

In art the rule of thirds uses 9 sections to determine a pleasing composition. Renaissance painters realized the human eye does not stay in one place on a canvas. It wanders. Human attention tends to move around rather than focus on the first thing it sees. The created the concept of the rule of thirds. The exception is when the center has emotional content, as with a group of people. The nine sections create a way of balancing the composition, though it is off balance. A second focal point is created on another intersection of the nine blocks. This makes the composition dynamic.

The Rule of Thirds
Third rule of thirds in art divides composition into 9 equal sections. The intersections are where the artist places the focal point. This creates dynamic interest.

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Exercise Treatment for Depression

Exercise Machines for Home Use

Exercise is a powerful healer if you are depressed. It unleashes Endorphins and increases chemicals in the brain. Serotonin, norepinephrin and dopamine regulate mood. Exercise also increases self-image, confidence and offers a chance of social interaction.Stress and depression

Why am I writing about exercise machines for home use? Because, having suffered from depression myself, I know how difficult it can be to even get out of bed when depressed, much less exercise. My whole body ached and all I wanted to do was sleep. Click on the image below to see my recommendation for best in home workout for those suffering from depression.

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Are there Any Frequencies for Relaxation?

Luck Frequencies – A Review

by Woman Motley from Meditation Music International

MP3 total length is 2 hours and 13 minutes.
25 songs
Classified as New Age Music, Celtic Fusion and Celtic New Age
Plays on IOS, Android, Kindle Fire, Fire TV, Echo, PC, Mac, Roku and Sonos
Description: Mostly instrumentals, synthesizer and some chanting.This is very pleasant, relaxing, meditative sound. It is mostly string orchestration synthesizer with no melodies or words.




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Christian Mysticism Practices

Christian mystics strive for the transformation of ego so that they can be one with God. Athanasius of Alexandria was thought to have said that God became human so that man could become God. Mysticism is related to the heart, rather than the mind. It is based on personal experience. Famous mystics have reported visions and speaking directly to God. I will explore some of the Christian mysticism practices that I have found intriguing.

Jesus Christ
Portrait of Jesus by John Freeman Fish. Acrylics on paper

What is the History of Christian Mysticism?

Gnosis refers to direct contact with God. Gnostics were a part of the early development of Christianity. It began in the 1st and 2nd century and is related to early Jewish and Christian texts. A belief that knowledge is the key to enlightenment and that knowledge is acquired from deep soul-searching and letting go of the material world. Energy is a gift that allows them to see the true reality. This esoteric knowledge is considered rare, special, and unusual. Continue reading “Christian Mysticism Practices”